[[t]pə(r)sju͟ːt, AM -su͟ːt[/t]]
1) N-UNCOUNT: N of n, oft in N of n Your pursuit of something is your attempts at achieving it. If you do something in pursuit of a particular result, you do it in order to achieve that result.

...a young man whose relentless pursuit of excellence is conducted with single-minded determination.

...individuals who impoverish their families in pursuit of some dream.

2) N-UNCOUNT: N of n The pursuit of an activity, interest, or plan consists of all the things that you do when you are carrying it out.

The vigorous pursuit of policies is no guarantee of success.

3) N-UNCOUNT: usu in N of n Someone who is in pursuit of a person, vehicle, or animal is chasing them.

...a police officer who drove a patrol car at more than 120mph in pursuit of a motor cycle.

4) N-SING: the N, oft N n In cycling and skating, the pursuit is a race in which two competitors or teams start on opposite sides of a circular track and try to catch up with each other.

Moreau took gold in the five-kilometre individual pursuit competition.

5) N-COUNT: usu pl, with supp Your pursuits are your activities, usually activities that you enjoy when you are not working.

They both love outdoor pursuits...

His favourite childhood pursuits were sailing, swimming and cycling.

6) PHRASE If you are in hot pursuit of someone, you are chasing after them with great determination.

I rushed through with Sue in hot pursuit.

English dictionary. 2008.

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